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About us

CaseLibrary is a creative team producing unique cases and other accessories for the laptops you have chosen for your everyday work. Creative designers and meticulous engineers, experts in literature, cinema fans and high tech professionals have come together in order to turn each laptop into a unique work of art.

The combination of the case endurance, reliability and convenience with its peculiar design able to bemuse and bring joy, are the key components of the harmony we have managed to achieve.

Our history

The history of creation of our company began with one remarkable... discovery. Once upon a time, after deciding to finally go through a huge home library, which had been inherited from his great grandfather, the future founder of the brand, Kurt Nielson, discovered an amazing book. This was a children's collection of fairy tales, which might have gone unnoticed among the exuberant rarities. The book was absolutely shabby, it clearly lacked pages. But that was not important. The cover is what made a great impression on the young man. It was hand-drawn! Bleach colors and some roughness in style distinguished it from the original (later found in-between the books), which might suggest that the artist's hand did not always cope with the excitement.

There was one more difference, namely, an inscription on the inside of the cover, which Kurt’s great grandfather made two years before his death, that is, when the new owner of his library was only four. It said: “A copy of a value is also a value.” Compelled to argue

with any peremptory statement, the young man somehow did not come up any arguments this time. He wanted to know the history behind the self-made cover.

His aunt, to whom this book was read when she was a child, told the background story:-- My grandfather, and your great grandfather, was once so poor that having food in the house was a great joy. He was clearly a talented child, but the family, who was scraping to get by, was not up to this. Sometimes he wrangled odd jobs, reading the press aloud to a half-blind neighbor, who could not live without news. Your great grandfather loved those visits. First, because reading was his main passion from childhood to old age. Secondly, his neighbor would give him food, and thirdly, he could read and leaf through books, which were plenty in that house.

That collection of fairy tales was to be thrown out. The grandsons of the old woman tore the book to shreds, and then, jokingly, gave it to the poor neighbor. They wanted to humiliate him; but he felt as if he had found a treasure. He collected the pieces of the torn cover, but it did not work well, and then your great grandfather decided to draw the cover himself! It was difficult and painstaking, but he was proud of the result. This book was the first in his library. When I was little, our family members would constantly retell this story, but it was eventually forgotten. By the way, later your great grandfather made covers as a present to his friends – to complement their boring work notebooks. It's more pleasant to have in hand an accounting book with a cover to Crime and Punishment. Your great grandfather once wanted to become an artist, didn’t you know?”...
After coming home, the young man decided to digitize his great grandfather’s cover. To update it for descendants. In the process of this work, his heart filled up with warmth. An idea was born. After a while, Caselibrary was founded.
“An exact copy of a true value is also a value.” In our digital age, we often collect the best movies, books, diaries, and even pictures of our loved ones in our devices. Which means that those devices are something more than just high technologies.
Caselibrary creates unique protective covers for laptops that are indistinguishable from the covers of good books, as well as of movies destined to go down in history. We want your favorite heroes to accompany you everywhere, and the genuine values that they bear – to remain with you. It's time to see our creations.

Our mission

Our mission is to animate technologies. The world can become a great library of the best classic and modern works.

Our team

Our team consists of talented people who really love their job. We are proud to be able not only to turn our own ideas into reality but also to materialize bold conceptions of our customers who, being inspired by what we offer, suddenly decide to create their own masterpieces. We are open for cooperation and fruitful communication. Let’s get acquainted!

What we offer?

Any Design Cases

Find your favorite book, journal and newspaper case or customize it by searching through the variety of colors and designs.  

Variety of Options

Variety of options and services: add an inside pocket, personalize your case with initials or customize it with handles! Ask for an order priority to make sure it is ready in 2 working days!

Any Device Cases

We can create a case for any electronic device, whether it's a tablet, laptop, phone or e-book. Just specify your model or enter its exact dimensions.

100% American Handmade Items

All of the cases are handcrafted with love by our team. 7 Levels or quality control and a padded cover will protect your device from accidental bumps and falls.

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