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The Marauders map Case ll

by J.K. Rowling
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The Marauders Map is a special map showing the detailed plan of the magic school of Hogwarts with its surroundings, as well as the location of everyone who is at this particular moment in this area. In order not to get on the map, you need to hide in the Room of Requirement.

Without a mysterious map, Harry Potter's story would be less exciting. It should be noted, when the map is hidden, it cannot be distinguished from a usual piece of parchment. Such a valuable object was given to Harry Potter by the Weasley twins, after first taking it from the cabinet of Filch. Since the book does not have a detailed description of the map, artists and fans of the works of J.K. Rowling had to recreate it literally bit by bit.

Would you want the Marauders' map to be always on your desktop, and if you wish, you could take it anywhere with you? Order a unique case for the laptop; in appearance it is absolutely identical to The Marauders map! Your laptop in such a cover will look stylish, trendy, respectable, and mysterious. Just do not be surprised if any fan of Harry Potter touches it with something that looks like a magic wand, and swears that he is planning a prank.

The case is made to order to fit your device exactly.
The case looks as a real book/newspaper/magazine.
100% American handmade item.
Padded to protect your device from accidental bumps and falls.
Non scratched waterproof canvas/leather cover.
High quality cotton canvas exterior.
Use 2 soft elastic bands to steady your device while you work with testing the case.
Dual zippers with leather bookmark pulls allow you to charge your device while it’s safely stored inside the case.
Variety of options: add pocket, initials, handles to your case.
Send us your personal image or design.
Ask for an accessories case to organize your charger cords, HDD-Drive, mouse, USB-flash, Flash Memory etc.
Collect the complete works of your favourite writer.
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The Marauders map Case ll