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Once Upon a Time Case
$63.69 $97.99
Hamilton Case
$37.69 $57.99
New Design
Michael Jakson Case II
$37.69 $57.99

Magnificent music tales, bright musicals, albums of favorite performers – all this gives us inspiration and makes life more interesting. Music continues to accompany us for a long time, creating a mood during everyday routine. In this section of our exclusive library we have assembled cases for laptops and other gadgets, executed in the style of works filled with beautiful music.

You may choose any cover and be absolutely sure that anyone who sees your electronic device in such a "new outfit" will never guess that this is an ordinary gadget. The case makes the gadget look amazingly similar to a book in a super-cover or a CD with a musical piece. Every time you will be admiring your acquisition, you will remember your favorite tunes, stories or concerts.

In addition to an amazing external aesthetics, our hand-made cases are absolutely functional – they protect your devices from damage and will allow you to easily take them with you wherever you want. We choose only the best materials and monitor the quality of work at all stages. You can order extra pockets for small items, a sturdy handle and other extras that will make the case even more convenient.

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