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The more valuable and beloved is a book, the more it is worn out. If, in addition, it was inherited or bought during the sale of someone's personal library, it may have lost the original gloss. We offer you modern book covers, which can be executed as exact copies of the original version. However, nothing prevents a complete transform of the appearance of the book. Thus, you can update your entire library.

An innocent trick

We offer original book covers of any size and design. You just need to tell us which edition you intend to update. However, nothing prevents using the book cover to disguise any work. You have to agree that by seeing textbook covers in your hands, everyone will react with understanding to the need to learn, but from reading a love story you can be distracted an incredible number of times. Perhaps you want a spicy and pretty book cover about the art of seduction for a professional book cover to the treatises of a famous philosopher. By the way, a book in a removable cover is a good idea for a gift with a surprise, isn’t it?

If you want to impress, you can order the most popular book covers and "dress up" your books. This is not necessarily a kind of a dirty trick. This is only an excellent protective cover will not hurt any book. So why not perform it in an attractive design?

Quality and ease of use

Unlike the traditional book covers, our products, made of high-quality modern materials, are resistant to tears and moisture. Such a necessary accessory is securely attached to the corners of the chosen book with the help of special rubber bands. You can create your own independent top book covers, by ordering manual products that fit your library and will fit the size of your books.

For your convenience, in our catalog all the products offered are sorted according to literary genres, so you can quickly find the right one. If you thought that you did not find the covers in our Caselibrary that you need, tell us what kind of accessory you want, and we will take a custom order. Maximum two weeks later we will send a ready-made cover or whole set to the address you have specified. You can also order covers for your gadgets, which will be an exact copy of the covers of your favorite books.

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