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iPad Pro 11 2018

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New cover for new Ipad Pro 11 inch 2018 

Ipad pro 11 "case will preserve the look of your tablet and add convenience in use, and the material from which it is made will feel comfortably in your hands.


Ipad pro 11 cover design

The new generation of Ipad pro 11 case fully covers the front and backsides of your tablet. Apple’s original design perfectly complements the Ipad Pro 11 with its authentic design. It is made of high-quality material, so it will not only be pleasant to the touch, but will also give the tablet an elegant look. it does not interfere with the mounting of the Apple Pencil.


Practicality Ipad pro 11 case

Ipad pro 11 case is quite flexible, so it can be used for different tasks. The cover is very convenient and practical, for example, it can be used as a stand at the right angle for you. It can be put on different surfaces and does not worry that the cover will slip or fall. At the same time, it will not look too bulky, because the compact design will preserve all the refinement of the Ipad pro 11 case. It also supports the functions of "waking up when opening" and "go to sleep when closing".


Ipad pro 11 sleeve protection

The protective properties of the Ipad pro 11 case will allow you to safely use the tablet in your daily schedule. The cover guarantees protection of the device from scratches and scuffs on both sides, prevents dust and dirt from entering the display. In addition, he himself is durable and will not lose the appearance and its qualities. Magnetic mounts guaranteed to keep the tablet in the case.

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