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iPad Pro 12.9 2018

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iPad Pro 2018 3D ll Case
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Luxury ipad pro 12.9 case

It will be a great addition to your daily life and work, because it is very presentable and convenient. The accessory is available in hundreds of styles and has a buttoned strap, thanks to which you will have confidence that the iPad Pro 12.9 will not fall out of the case during transport or simple wear. It has a built-in stand so that you can position it vertically while watching a video, communicating via facetime-camera, etc.

Ipad 12.9 case is made of quality materials and is highly durable, and also combines a stylish compact case for easy transportation and is always ready to go. With the new generation of the iPad 2018, new covers are also presented, which have certain features that distinguish them from their predecessors. The updated design and functionality of the iPad Pro 12.9 inch (2018) called for the creation of a new case that will fit the style and capabilities of the tablet and is a combination of an elegant protective case that is convenient to carry, which is always ready for use, wherever you are. Designed specifically for the apple ipad pro 12.9 case makes it possible to fully utilize the full potential of the tablet when you need it.

Optimized design ipad pro 12.9 case

Among the many covers on the accessories market, you can clearly distinguish the ipad 12.9 case. By its design, it resembles a compact case, and is made of several materials. Inside there is a plastic frame in which the tablet itself is stored. From the outside, it is covered with a coating of high-quality cotton, which does not allow dust and sand to pass through, and the top cover covers the touch screen of the gadget. If necessary, it can also act as a kind of stand. The case can also act as a portable wallet, in which you can store several important small items. At the same time, it still remains compact and is distinguished by its low weight and high usability.

In order for you to be able to use the functions of your tablet in full, there are special cuts and holes. With their help, for example, you can easily connect a charger, headphones or adapters for other peripheral devices. The hole for the camera will allow you to make high-quality pictures at the most appropriate moment, and cutouts for speakers to listen to your favorite music tracks.

Apple ipad pro 12.9 case is the ratio of elegant minimalism and enhanced protection. The practical design of the case provides reliable protection for the back of the tablet and its display. Made in the form of ipad pro 12.9 protective case, this case protects the ipad pro 12.9 inch case from scuffs, scratches and various external influences, which will allow to preserve its original appearance for a long time. With the help of the fastener ipad pro 12.9 protective case, it ergonomically repeats its shape and leaves in the open access the necessary functionality. The traditional design of ipad pro 12.9 carrying case allows you to use it as a convenient stand. If necessary, you can set the maximum convenient position of the iPad for watching movies, making online calls, just typing or drawing.

Features of ipad pro 12.9 case:

• Attractive iPad Pro 12.9 case;

• Comprehensive sure protection against damage;

• Functions of a multi-level stand and wallet;

• High quality workmanship and materials;

• Ideal for iPad Pro 12.9;

• Provides excellent protection from scratches, dirt and other damage;

• Very fashionable and stylish design;

• Low weight ipad 12.9 cover;

• Simple and easy access to the functionality of ipad pro 12 inch case;

• Easy to install and remove;

• Material: High quality cotton;

• Available ipad 12.9-inch case in various colors.

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