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iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus

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iPhone 6 PLUS Jurassic Park Case II
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iPhone 6 PLUS Vintage Red Book Case ll
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iPhone 6 PLUS Minions Case ll
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iPhone 6 PLUS Romeo and Juliet Case ll
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iPhone 6 PLUS Beauty and The Beast Case V
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iPhone 6 Plus Case Defence Against the Dark Arts lV
iPhone 6 PLUS The Silver Age Case ll
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iPhone 6 Plus Case Iron Man II
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iPhone 6 Plus Case Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. II
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Protective case for iPhone 6 / 6S Plus - it is always an individual choice, depending on the preferences of the consumer. It should fully give comfort and confidence that your smartphone is safe from various mechanical damages. But buying a case for the phone iPhone 6 / 6S Plus, you are also advised to consider - what level of protection your phone needs and what features of the cover you will be very useful. After all, if you lead a very active lifestyle, you will need a strong case with an increased level of protection (shockproof, waterproof properties).

If you take care of your phone and want to keep it original, so that it always was as good as new, then an inexpensive iPhone 6 / 6S Plus case that protects you from dust, scratches, scuffs and other minor damages.

Possible functions and properties of covers for iPhone 6 / 6S Plus

If you are faced with a choice - which case is ideal for you, and what to choose from a wide range of this product - we advise you to familiarize yourself with the possible options. When choosing a case, pay attention to the material from which it is made, this will simplify the task and help you with the choice. In general, all the covers on the material are divided:

  1. Silicone - the most popular cases, they protect the phone from slipping, small bumps and scratches. In addition, their compactness and ease gained popularity among users of the iPhone 6 / 6S Plus

  2. Plastic cases - for impact resistance are inferior to silicone counterparts, however, because of their cheapness in manufacturing, they often use as a gift to the new phone.

  3. Leather - one of the most expensive cases, not inferior in terms of protection silicone cases, but not very suitable for use on every day.

  4. Combined - these cases are a collection of several materials described earlier. Such cases give the smartphone even more protection and durability.

These are the main materials that are used for the manufacture of covers.

Anti-shock cases are able to save your smartphone from sudden falls. Such models of cases are usually made of polyurethane or polycarbonate, which is a strong and solid material. These cases are heavy and give the phone a large size.

The new case for the iPhone 6S Plus should have features and functions that allow you to improve certain qualities of the phone, such as: appearance, battery capacity, security, etc. Covers by purpose you can purchase with such characteristics:

  • Waterproof - protect your phone from moisture during rain, and your gadget will remain operational, even if it falls into the water. And some models are designed so that you can use video or photos on your smartphone even under water.

  • Covers with stand - can be installed on a horizontal surface, and so watch movies or read a book on the phone.

  • Cases with built-in battery - charges the phone in the offline mode. Such a cover is actual in conditions where there is no possibility to charge your gadget: in hikes or long trips.

  • Cases with pockets, in the form of a wallet - will always be useful for business people, who need to have with them various business cards, bank cards or money, which are compactly placed with the phone in a cover.

  • Glowing - with this backlight, the smartphone is easy to find in a dark room or in a bag.

  • Decorated cases - with prominent rhinestones, three-dimensional figures, curlicues, as well as sparkles created to attract attention with its unusual design and style. Such beautiful cases for the iPhone 6 / 6S Plus are popular with young people.

  • Antigravitational - with this case you can place your gadget on any smooth, vertical surface (glass, wall, refrigerator, mirror).

And now, knowing the main differences of cases for the purpose, you can easily find a suitable cover, based on your needs and preferences. When ordering a case, make sure that its dimensions fit your model.

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