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iPhone 7 PLUS 1984 Case ll TEST

by George Orwell
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1984 is the famous anti-utopia written by George Orwell, published in 1949. It is describing in a symbolic form the characteristics and horrors of the totalitarian regime, which later had to be learned by the inhabitants of many socialist countries. It is no coincidence that it was precisely in those countries where this creation was strictly forbidden for many years. By 1989, when the regimes were already beginning to crumble, the novel was released in more than 65 languages. The name of the protagonist working in the Ministry of Truth, similarly to the title of the novel, has become a household name.

Some terms from the Newspeak dictionary, on which one of the heroes of the novel named Syme is working, came into use. Orwell himself wrote that he placed the action of the book in England to show that totalitarianism, if not combated, can develop in any country.Are you a fan of serious reading? Are you not indifferent to what is happening in the world? Do you like good anti-utopias, in which is hidden so much truth? Do you just want to leave an impression of a person who understands good literature? Order a phone case that does not differ from the cover of George Orwell's book, and there will be moments when you will be surprised that you actually have a phone and not a book.

The case is made to order to fit your device exactly.
The case looks as a real book/newspaper/magazine.
100% American handmade item.
Padded to protect your device from accidental bumps and falls.
Non scratched waterproof canvas/leather cover.
High quality cotton canvas exterior.
Use 2 soft elastic bands to steady your device while you work with testing the case.
Dual zippers with leather bookmark pulls allow you to charge your device while it’s safely stored inside the case.
Variety of options: add pocket, initials, handles to your case.
Send us your personal image or design.
Ask for an accessories case to organize your charger cords, HDD-Drive, mouse, USB-flash, Flash Memory etc.
Collect the complete works of your favourite writer.

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iPhone 7 PLUS 1984 Case ll TEST
$12.94 $19.90