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The Apple brand has long won the trust and love for its products. Therefore, the iPhone 7 is always a welcome gadget that has an interesting design, high quality and many features. And the case for iPhone 7 is a necessary addition to the phone, which provides protection for the smartphone and adorns its appearance. In fact, the choice of a beautiful cover for the iPhone 7 is an expression of yourself. After choosing one of the types of covers, you emphasize your own, individual style.

Types of Cases

Depending on the method of attachment, shape and most importantly - what parts of the phone covers the cover, these protective products are divided into such types:

  1. The overlay is fixed on the smartphone on the back side and snaps on the sides. Such an iPhone 7 case does not interfere with the use of the phone, has a small weight and does not add a large volume to the phone. This is an ideal option for lovers of minimalism. When purchasing a cover in the form of an overlay, it is also recommended to purchase a protective film or screen glass, so that it can also be reliably protected from abrasions or scratches.

  2. The bumper is one of the variants of cases, which was first developed by Apple specifically for the iPhone models. The back panel and phone display are open, while the bumper itself has the form of a frame that is worn on the ends of the gadget. And in order to protect the panel and the screen of the smartphone when it touches the horizontal surface, there are special protrusions on the cover.

  3. Case-book - closes the phone from all sides, thus protecting not only the body, but also the screen. Some models are equipped with answering function without opening the cover. Also in many models there are supports designed for easy viewing of video without holding the phone in hands.

  4. Flip cover for iPhone 7 - this is an analog of the case - books, only the lid reclines not to the side, but from the bottom. To close the lid in a flip-cover, a magnet fastener is usually used.

  5. Case in form of wallet is a more functional case, which also fulfills the wallet tasks. It has additional pockets, in which you can put cards, money, business cards and stuff. This kind of cover is convenient because all important things are in a small bag, which they take with them to work, to a trip, to a store and so on. The inconvenience is only that when using the phone, it must be completely removed from the cover.

  6. Sports cover - this is a special case, which is attached to the hand. Very popular among people who lead an active lifestyle, but at the same time wanting to keep their favorite, multi-functional iPhone 7. With such a cover they can take their phone for jogging, sports or gym.

  7. Pocket case - as the name suggests, this case has the form of a pocket, into which the phone is placed. And since the smartphone is snug against the case, it can be removed only with the help of a hood. The most common material for this cover is leather.

All kinds for iPhone 7 cases have a wide range of colors. Some models are sold with drawings, rhinestones, print, ornament, pattern, three-dimensional silhouettes. Also, the material from which the case is made is very diverse: leather (natural and artificial), silicone, plastic, metal, fabric and so on. Therefore, there is a very large assortment of covers for your smartphone, and which one to choose is only a matter of your taste and preferences. Buying the best iPhone 7 case, you first increase the life of your smartphone, protecting against abrasions, scratches, chips and other damages, and keep its ideal novelty. And in order for this accessory to please you for a long time and give comfort to use, we recommend choosing cases from well-known brands that guarantee high quality of their products.

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