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iPhone SE Romeo and Juliet Case ll

by William Shakepeare
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The story of Romeo and Juliet is the tragedy written by Shakespeare and it has a plot that is known to most people in the world. The history of the young lovers, whose families are at feud with each other, has turned out to be truly eternal. Hundreds of times it was recreated in real life, and most often children, who succumbed to the magic of first love, contrary to the will of adults, were called modern Romeo and Juliet. Many agree that there is no sadder story in the world.

The great work of the 16th century was adapted many times for movies, music, theater plays and even computer games. Many get disturbed with the drama between the heroes, and the work itself is included in the lists of books that are compulsory for studying in schools and reading by educated people of almost all countries of the world.

Do you remain committed to the classics and have a desire for great works to inspire you? Design your laptop in the style of Romeo and Juliet by ordering a case made after the cover of this famous book. The similarity will be absolute, and in the closed state your laptop will look like the luxurious edition of Shakespeare. This kind of book on your desk will impress visitors much more than a standard, boring gadget. In addition, a sad love story is an excellent occasion strike up a conversation.

The case is made to order to fit your device exactly.
The case looks as a real book/newspaper/magazine.
100% American handmade item.
Padded to protect your device from accidental bumps and falls.
Non scratched waterproof canvas/leather cover.
High quality cotton canvas exterior.
Use 2 soft elastic bands to steady your device while you work with testing the case.
Dual zippers with leather bookmark pulls allow you to charge your device while it’s safely stored inside the case.
Variety of options: add pocket, initials, handles to your case.
Send us your personal image or design.
Ask for an accessories case to organize your charger cords, HDD-Drive, mouse, USB-flash, Flash Memory etc.
Collect the complete works of your favourite writer.

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iPhone SE Romeo and Juliet Case ll
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