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Elegant Macbook air 13 inch sleeve

It has a thin profile, and has absolute compatibility with the MacBook Air 13 2018. Making macbook air 13 sleeve is also a very practical accessory, because not only creates a spectacular look, but also deprives you of disturbing thoughts about protecting your laptop, betrays confidence in your actions.

Laptop protection with macbook air 13 inch carrying case

In this regard, it should be noted that this accessory provides reliable protection against various effects, which can be attributed to minor scratches, pollution of ports, the appearance of fingerprints. In addition, the case has special ventilation cutouts, which, as you know, successfully prevent the laptop case from heating up when the laptop is used with the case. The original and functional laptop sleeve 13 inch macbook air is designed to protect your device from harmful external influences, shock when it falls, as well as for convenient transportation of the laptop and guarantee maximum protection. The upper surface of the bag is made of durable fabric that has a water-repellent effect, so if you are rained with your laptop or some liquid in your backpack is spilled on your Macbook air 13 inch case sleeve.

Features macbook air 13 inch sleeve:

• Macbook air 13 sleeve provides reliable laptop protection;

• Full compatibility with MacBook Air 13 2018;

• Easy and quick installation of mac air sleeves 13 inch;

• There are all the necessary cutouts for the functional elements of the device;

• The thickness of the cover is one millimeter;

• Compact size MacBook air 13 sleeve;

• Provides reliable protection;

• MacBook air 13 inch carrying case has a stylish design;

• Made in the form of an envelope;

• MacBook air 13 inch carrying case does not make the device heavier;

• MacBook air 13 carrying case is made of natural materials;

• Very tight, hard to tear;

• To be restored and cleaned;

• Thanks to special treatment, it exhibits increased resistance to moisture;

• Guarantees reliability during transportation and storage of your MacBook;

• MacBook air 13 sleeve case shows resistance to wear;

• Shows high shock absorbing ability;

MacBook air 13 inch sleeve is made of high quality material and belongs to the premium accessories. It will protect your device not only from accidental damage, but also from moisture. And will be a great addition to your image, emphasizing the style.

Convenient design macbook air 13 inch sleeve

You no longer have to carry both your bag and a laptop with you, as the felt cover will replace both of you. It is quite roomy, and for greater convenience, it is equipped with two compartments. In one of them, you can store your MacBook, and in the other various necessary things, such as a phone, preventing accidental damage to your laptop or smartphone. The mac air 13 sleeve bag inside is equipped with a soft microfiber lining that enhances shock absorption, which is able to absorb and dissipate the force of impact, and also prevents the appearance of minor scratches and abrasions on the device. Despite the dense layer of lining, it does not add extra volume to the MacBook while maintaining optimal proportions.

Practical design macbook air 13 inch sleeve

In addition to the two main compartments, the case is equipped with two additional external pockets. They have a specific shape, which is ideal for storing phone, credit or discount cards. The pockets fit snugly to the base of the case, so the contents do not fall out and are always in plain sight, at hand.

High quality clasp on macbook air 13 inch sleeve

Durable zipper made of quality materials to guarantee long-term use. The sliding lock is made of stainless steel and is resistant to deformation. To ensure ease of removal of the laptop and quick access to it, side sleeves are provided in the laptop sleeve 13 inch macbook air.

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