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Laptop 13.5"

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Surface Laptop 13.5 was named as one of the most stylish laptops on the market. Although Microsoft is very fond of experimenting with transformers, this model is a very good classic. It is an ideal notebook for study and office work, although many users are happy to take Surface Laptop 13.5" in travels. The main thing that a laptop from Microsoft needs is a reliable protection of a very vulnerable case.

We offer covers for Surface Laptop 13.5 ", which will protect the device from damage and at the same time become such a stylish accessory that everyone would want to have something like that. Each one of them is a unique copy of a good book worthy of thoughtful reading and, of course, popularization. The similarity is so big that people around will be sure to mistake your laptop for a new volume that has just left the printing house.

You can also order for your Microsoft Surface Laptop 13.5 "a cover in the style of your favorite animation or movie or periodical. We can also make a premium case with expensive decorative elements. The minimalist and noble notebook design will be harmoniously complemented by an elegant handmade case.

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