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Surface 3

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The unique Microsoft Surface 3 gadget is a tablet that is trying hard to become a laptop. Thanks to the attached keyboard and adjustable stand, the device turns into a minimalistic and fully functional laptop. With a sufficiently robust case, this device, like the rest of the tablets, requires full protection against all kinds of damage. We offer every owner of Microsoft Surface 3 to acquire a unique handmade cover, which by originality is worthy of an innovative gadget.

Design covers, which we produce in exact accordance with the parameters and functional features of Microsoft Surface 3, are externally close replicas of covers to famous books, art and animated movies, among which are both classic creations and modern bestsellers. For convenience of a choice in our catalog all of them are divided by genres.

All covers are made of the best materials using high-quality branded accessories. At desire you can order absolutely exclusive products with different decorative elements, additional pockets, and also other beautiful and functional add-ons.

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