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Surface Book

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Surface Book is a unique work of Microsoft, which became the embodiment of how leading developers of non-ordinary devices imagine the future of laptops, which, if necessary, can easily be turned into tablets by disconnecting the keyboard. A really interesting and innovative device requires appropriate designer accessories.

We offer original covers for Surface Book, created by taking into account the size and functionality of a wonderful laptop. Each of them is an exact copy of the original cover of a remarkable book. It can be classic and fantasy, adventure, music and business literature, wonderful books about Harry Potter and even solid philosophical works.

In our catalog, all the designer covers are divided into the genres of works. The similarity is so stunning that no one will guess that in your hands the Surface Book, rather than the chic volume of the print edition.

Perhaps you want to buy a cover made in the style of your favorite animation or feature film, and we will be happy to do it for you. If necessary, we can add a few extra pockets, where you can put a stylus and other little things.

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