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7" Tablet Case Catcher in the Rye
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7" The Marauders map Case ll
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7" Tablet Case Central Park
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7" Tablet Case Don Quixote
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7" Tablet Case 3D ll
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7" Tablet Case Crime and Punishment
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7" Tablet Case 3D IX
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7" Tablet Case 1001 Nights ll
$37.70 $57.99
7" Tablet Case For Whom The Bell Tolls
$63.76 $98.09
7" Tablet Case Dumbo
$44.21 $68.02
7" Tablet Case Breakfast at Tiffany's
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7" Tablet Case Country Brown Leather
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Compact and functional tablets are an excellent solution, in cases where a handheld computer must be at hand. He can not replace a stationary device, but listen to your favorite music, watch a video or a movie, chat with friends and friends with his help is quite possible. An excellent option for traveling, hiking will be a 7-inch tablet, which due to its small size fits perfectly in a small bag or backpack.

Nevertheless, with frequent use of the gadget, there is a possibility that it can accidentally fall and seriously suffer. To avoid this, you need to purchase an accessory that will reliably protect the device from mechanical damage (scratches, chips, and scuffs), accidental force, dust and dirt. This includes a cover on the tablet 7 ".

Types of Cases

Manufacturers of accessories for gadgets produce modern models that meet all the necessary parameters. In addition, they are able to satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding customers, as the product line is distinguished by a wide variety of products. Let us consider the main types:

  1. The plates for the tablet are most often used, as a means of protecting the back surface of the laptop or its sides. In most overlay models, the display remains open, and in some there are small protrusions above the front surface. You can also purchase covers with a foot - stand for convenient placement on different surfaces, or with increased protection against impacts, moisture, scratches.

  2. An excellent purchase will be on a 7-inch tablet, a cover that acts as a protection for the display, and it can be used as a stand. In such an article, the device is fixed inside by means of special plastic, metal brackets or loops, rubber bands located at the corners. In addition, as a fixing element, there can be a special frame, like a cover - an overlay, to which the cover itself is attached. If the device has a magnetic sensor that performs the function of unlocking the screen when opening the cover, it is advisable to purchase a cover with this function. With frequent use of the device, the owner gets rid of the constant pressing of the screen unlock button. In the closed state the cover of the cover is fixed by fasteners. The most practical and convenient are the magnetic ones. Unlike rubber bands or stickers, they are more durable, easy to open.

  3. Universal 7-inch tablet case is designed to move the device and store it. These include most of the usual cases and some cover models designed to protect devices with a screen diagonal of 7. "Universal models are suitable for laptops that can not be picked up by branded models.

When choosing a cover for a gadget, you need to compare its dimensions with the tablet, so that their compatibility is ideal.

Services of our company

Our customers can order a 7-inch tablet case, made in the form of a cover of your favorite book or magazine on a variety of topics:

  • Music.

  • Sports.

  • Business.

  • Movies, cartoons.

  • Adventure.

  • Travel, other.

For teenagers, an interesting cover will be made, based on the book "Harry Potter". We also carry out orders for the manufacture of covers for individual design. By purchasing a stylish accessory from us, every customer is guaranteed to receive a handmade product that will reliably protect the device from various damages.

In addition, we offer quality cheap tablet cases 7-inch, for their manufacture is used cotton canvas. Depending on individual preferences, you can add pockets, pens or place on it your initials, personal photos.

Ordering a stylish accessory with us, clients can be sure that it will match the parameters of the laptop. Soft inner surface, the color of which can be selected from among the palette of the site, reliably will protect the device from damage, dents. Being on the charging plate is securely placed inside the cover and protected, thanks to two zippers with leather snaps.

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