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Handbook For The Recently Deceased Luxury Case

by James Hunt
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Tim Burtons film Beetlejuice has excited many fans of mysticism and horror immediately after the release on the big screens, rising to the top of many ratings. A young couple got into the afterworld after an accident. To get used to a new life and become accustomed to the role of ghosts, they had to thoroughly study the Handbook for the Recently Deceased. This mysterious book stirred up the creative imagination. Many even began to create their own handbooks not only after the events of the film, but also various works of art. This is understandable: Tim Burton is able to inspire an insanely mystical creativity. And the author's handbook for deceased people, of course, was worthy of a separate publication.

Some people of the philosophical or even mystical mindset would not mind for the Handbook for the Recently Deceased to become their handbook, and it should be noted that it is quite possible. Order a cover for the laptop in the shaped after this handbook, and your device will leave a lasting impression with people, who even don’t have any clue about the true origin and content of the manual for new ghosts. Your updated laptop, as well as the reaction of others will only please you.

The case is made to order to fit your device exactly.
The case looks as a real book/newspaper/magazine.
100% American handmade item.
Padded to protect your device from accidental bumps and falls.
Non scratched waterproof canvas/leather cover.
High quality cotton canvas exterior.
Use 2 soft elastic bands to steady your device while you work with testing the case.
Dual zippers with leather bookmark pulls allow you to charge your device while it’s safely stored inside the case.
Variety of options: add pocket, initials, handles to your case.
Send us your personal image or design.
Ask for an accessories case to organize your charger cords, HDD-Drive, mouse, USB-flash, Flash Memory etc.
Collect the complete works of your favourite writer.

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1-Day Deal
Handbook For The Recently Deceased Luxury Case