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Have you already chosen a laptop case that completely transforms your laptop and turns it into your favorite book? If you don’t want to carry it in your hand, it makes sense to order comfortable removable handles, which you can simply remove if necessary. This addition will make the accessory even more stylish and convenient, and will complete your image.
In the past, many people who wanted to share their passion for a good literary work or a movie, just picked up a book or a cassette and casually showed it to the world. Now you can do this by simply taking a laptop case with convenient handles. Quality and comfortable accessories, which also carry a message to the world, can become a part of your daily life. If you want to get a case with handles, let us know when placing an order.

Inside pocket

The original protective case, turning a laptop into a beautifully designed book, was already on the list of your desires? It will be even more convenient to use, when you have a special pocket on the inside, where you put different necessary things. This add-on can be very useful if you often have to move from place to place with your laptop.
When the laptop is closed and hidden in a designer cover, both the gadget and the pocket will be completely invisible. But you will carry the whole working kit with you without the need for additional bags, folders and other items. Any little things that you often put in your clothing pocket can be folded neatly into a special compartment of a new case. If you want the new magic "costume" for your laptop to also be equipped with a secret pocket, state this when placing an order.

Customer initials

The owner’s initials were often indicated on valuable books from large libraries. This didn’t just allow finding its owner if the book was lost, but also emphasized the special attitude to the printed word. We can place initials on the original laptop case, made as a copy of your chosen book. This small touch will add your accessory of respectability and value, making it absolutely unique. The writing of letters can be different, depending on the design of the case and your preferences.
Turn a normal laptop into a luxury book from a private library! In a case made after a book with initials on the cover, your notebook will become unrecognizable! When placing an order, please tell us which letters you would like to see. By the way, such a cover with a unique design can serve as an exclusive gift to any person.

Special case

In addition to the original laptop case in the form of a book, you can order a case where you put all accessories for work: a charger or a spare battery, a flash drive, a mouse, a workbook and so on. We can execute the case in the same style as the cover you have chosen, or design it differently - it all depends on your wishes. Such a functional kit can become your personal business card, as in today's world there are not so many people who take good books with them on business journeys. No one will immediately guess that this is just a usual laptop with an additional capacious case. Order a set of a cover together with a case or select these stylish accessories separately. Get yourself trendy and comfortable things, which also have a special meaning.

Express production

"How long will it take to manufacture the case?" – this question is asked by almost all our customers. Usually one product takes up to two weeks to manufacture depending on our workload. We are very meticulous when it comes to manufacture of each laptop case. We are very careful in seeking for a complete analogy with the original and high accuracy of execution, even in the smallest details.But what if the cover is needed urgently? For example, you want to make an original gift for an upcoming holiday or you are eager to take your updated laptop on a trip. In this case, it is worth ordering the express production service. Make a quick order, and your cover will be ready within two days!Do you want to know how we achieve this increase in productivity? Firstly, when planning production, we leave the resource for execution of urgent orders out of the queue, and secondly, our professionals are always ready to extend their working day for you. Quality control remains very strict at that – seven steps of quality inspection for each nuance are mandatory in any case!We use only the best materials, to whose selection we approach with all responsibility. For the manufacture of covers is selected very stable, quick-drying paint, so that the product remains spotless and reliably protects your laptop in any weather conditions!.