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THE SECRET GARDEN Backpack for 14" Laptop

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This amazing backpack can be created in various: Walk, Voyage, Expedition, Discovery, Mission

Walk. This is probably the most affordable and low-cost version of the backpack that can be used to go for a short walk alone, take your pet for a walk, go shopping, or pick up things from the dry cleaner’s. It’s a backpack with one large compartment without pockets that can be used to carry a couple of things, including a suitable-sized laptop or tablet. You can wear the backpack using a belt strap: the middle part of the strap is threaded from the back into the upper semi-ring, while the endpoints should be snapped into two lower semi-rings. The backpack doesn’t keep its shape unless filled. The body is made of fabric. The backpack is colored in solid gray with a printed picture on the front. Non-washable. There is only one zipper pull to open the main compartment.

Voyage. An enhanced version, which, unlike the Walk version, also has an upper carrying handle, as well as a separate compartment inside for a suitable-sized laptop. It also has a personalized tag on the front. This backpack is ideal for a 1-2-day trip to a neighboring state, a countryside journey, or a business trip by car.

Expedition. It’s an advanced and highly-upgraded) backpack version, which, unlike the two previous models, is equipped with a reinforced body, back, and bottom. There is another zipper pull as well. The backpack can keep its shape even when it’s empty. With this backpack, you can safely go traveling for several days and carry the belongings of two-three people. The backpack can be easily used as hand luggage on the plane.

Discovery. This type of backpack will fit well even for the most demanding travelers. Unlike the Expedition version, it has enormous storage for small things in the two outer side pockets. Additionally, a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap makes it possible to easily carry heavy stuff. You can say for sure that with such a backpack you can go and discover the world visiting the places where no one has ever been before in the history of the planet.

Mission. It’s an ultimate backpack version. Unlike the Discovery model, this backpack is also equipped with 4 metal legs, two reinforced independent shoulder straps, and a detachable laptop sleeve. The printed picture on the front is waterproof. The body color perfectly matches the color of the picture. You can literally go to any place with it. What if you are one those people who will take part in the mission to colonize Mars) in 2026? Make sure you take this backpack with you.

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